Children's Entertainers... Smartie Artie makes Your Party!

Children's Entertainers...
Smartie Artie makes Your Party!

Welcome. You are one step closer to booking a party your child will remember forever... The Birthday child is the star of the show! Smartie Artie knows it is their special day so you can be sure Smartie Artie makes a big fuss of the birthday child.

There is so much for them to enjoy. The magic tricks are the funniest but do go, oh so wrong! The birthday child is there to help put it right. Phew! The puppets are always playing tricks on Smartie Artie. Some even talk. Now that is a surprise! There are more surprises and lots of laughter when Smartie Artie gets in such a muddle twisting balloons. Animals, swords, flowers and even a Smartie Artie appear with a twist here and there.The birthday child helps and keeps a big balloon Smartie Artie. It is just surprise after surprise!

They have such fun with the party games.Smartie Artie brings the music, prizes and a pass the parcel too. Smartie Artie will even help you during the Birthday Tea and make sure they all sing Happy Birthday when it is time for the cake. So whether it's a one-hour show or a two-hour party. Smartie Artie will organize it all from start to finish. You can relax and enjoy the smiles and laughter are guaranteed to have a birthday child that will be totally enthralled by Smartie Artie.

You will get compliments and thanks from parents on what a wonderful party it was. The children will go home happy and they will never forget when Smartie Artie came to your child’s party.

Smartie Artie provides the very best in children’s entertainment, whether it is a birthday party, schools class party or at a grown-up event such as a wedding where the little ones need some entertaining. It is the perfect variety and mix of all sorts of things that children are guaranteed to enjoy. You can read about some of the parties the Smartie Arties have entertained at here...

For older children we have disco parties with PJ the Funky DJ or Lenny and the Saturn Sounds Disco.
Or a magic activity party which is the Smartie Artie Magic Workshop. We also have the very best face painters to make your party extra fun!

Where is your party?

Smartie Artie can entertain your children anywhere across the South East of England; Herts, Beds, Bucks, Cambridgeshire, London and down to the south coast, but please ask us if you would like us to entertain at your party elsewhere. Prices start from as little as £190 for a one-hour party!

map of the south east of england high lighting the area that smartie artie works in
map of the south east of england high lighting the area that smartie artie works in

Why not download a Smartie Artie Party Invite here that you can print out and send to all the guests? They're FREE for you to print as many as you need!

You can read some testimonials from our clients here.

School & Nursery Shows

If you are thinking of having a Show for your school, nursery or playgroup and would like Smartie Artie to entertain the children, don't leave it too late to book!

Book your Smartie Artie Entertainer more here about Smartie Artie School Parties