Smartie Artie is in Bedfordshire local to Center Parcs and appears there as part of the children’s entertainment.

There is so much going on at Center Parcs and Smartie Artie is lucky enough to be part of the entertainment.
A super place for family holidays and what nice place to be entertaining children!
Smartie Artie makes regular appearances there with a fun show for young children on their holiday.
Smartie Artie has the children entertainment for all sorts of events across Bedfordshire.
Birthday parties of course to the local community events and fairs and fetes.
A another regular is Cublington Village fete. A very traditional village fete with all you might expect including sideshows and even a dog competition!
Flitwick holds a summer event with Smartie Artie providing shows and balloon modelling.
Luton had a beach in the town centre. Smartie Artie was there with children entertainment…no sign of the tide coming in though!
Not to mention all the birthday parties Smartie Artie goes to in Bedfordshire.
If you are having a party anywhere in Bedfordshire Smartie Artie can help.